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I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma 5 yrs ago- and alot has progressed since then. I too had a radical trachelectomy, I had tissue invasion but nolymph invasion. I had a Lymphondectomy at the same time as my surgery removing lymph nodes leading too and from that area. I did not have to do chemo and radiation.
I know form my expierence lymph nodes once invaded are dangerous and need to be respected. I agree with your choice of doing a second opinion. Did you have any lymphondectomy as well?
I don;t know about the menopause as there are such new teqhniques in administering chome and radiation, and the radical trachlectomy left your ovaries, if you have your ovaries you shouldn't go into menopasue, I had a friend who had radiation and they were able to cover her ovararian area and not casue such severe damage- shelater went on to have 2 children.
However If chemo and radiation is the best option suggestied by both Dr's then I'd do it - menopause or life. I bet after this menopause would be a breeze and if your still around to be with your child then you win.
Be happy and relish in the fact you had the opportunity to have a child, I can not give my husband children and thats difficult to live with.
You have a lot to live for- be pro active, relax, eat right, rest and take care of your self and keep a positive attitude (helps fight all the bad), God says everything happens for a reason- What is he showing or teaching you?
I'll say a prayer for you. Belief goes so much farther than fear. You'll be okay.

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