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Pregnant with CIN1
Jul 30, 2007
Hi all,

I am so glad to have found this site. I have had cervical dysplasia since 2003. I have only had a total of 3 colposopies the whole time. The last one I had was last July. The doctor told me to get another one this January or so but I was abroad so I didn't. Now I am 30 weeks pregnant. The doctor I have only did a pap and said the results were normal. I don't really trust the guy so much so I am going to see another doctor and get a colposcopy again. I always had faith that I could reverse my dysplasia by living a healthy lifestyle and taking folic acid supplements. Now that I have met the love of my life and we are ready to have a family, I really feel complete. I do have a little bit of fear that this could eventually develop into cancer, especially since for 3 years or so it remained the same. It hasn't gotten any worse but it hasn't gotten any better. I guess I will find out after the colposcopy that I will probably get this week. I try not to think about it so much but I also try to stay conscious about it at the same time. I guess I am wondering how long I should wait till I seek further treatment if the colposcopy comes out with the same results? Has anyone been in that situation? The doctors say to wait and see but I am wondering if my body is capable of fighting it off if I have had it for so long and it has remained the same.

Anyway, I read this book a lot called Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom and it talks a lot about the body's power to heal dysplasia and how emotional issues and stress can really affect it. Sometimes it gets a little too hippie for me but I do like the positive and holistic outlook. Does anyone have any good links or books about healing from dysplasia?

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