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[QUOTE=fairydust7;3136075]I've read a bit about vaginal cancer, from my understanding its a lot like cervical cancer in how it progresses and whatnot. it can be picked up on paps and of course be mistaken for cervical issues since cervical dysplasia is more common or whatever. if the dysplasia is on the vaginal walls i'm not sure how they remove if, if they do leeps or what. but i remember this because i read that even after having hysterectomies women should get screened because of the risk of vaginal cancer. i've been trying to talk my mom into going but she refuses cause she had a doctor told her its not necessary since she doesn't have a cervix anymore. which is not true.[/QUOTE]

Thank you for your info. I will have to do research on vaginal cancer.
Have you ever heard of a Dx of CIN ll, then the Coposcospy & LEEP come back negative?
Can mistakes be made and if so how?
Also, when they say these type of cancers progress slowly, how slow are we talking? 2 years, 5 years, 10 years. Can someone go that long without ANY symptoms?

Thanks again

Thanks again, and I hope your mom goes to get tested
[QUOTE=Shashi;3137885]Hi RouxWoman,

Vaginal cancer is very much like cervical cancer in that the same type of cells that line the vagina also line the cervix. There is no clear dividing line between where the cervix ends and the vagina begins. HPV can cause the same changes in cells of the vagina that it does in cervical cells. Usually the treatment for vaginal dysplasia (also knowns as VAIN) is laser vaporization or cryosurgery (where the abnormal cells are frozen off) and sometimes chemotherapy is used.

I'll be keeping you in my prayers that everything turns out okay.


Even though your mother had a hysterectomy, she still needs a Pap test every year. It is vital that she do so, no matter what her doctor said. Maybe if you tell her what happened to me, she'll understand. (You might want to print this out and show it to her.)

My family doctor told me after my hysterectomy in 2002 that I didn't need to have Pap tests anymore since I had never had an abnormal one and since I no longer have a cervix. So I went three years without one.

In 2005, my new family doctor talked me into have a Pap. It came back ACS-US. A retest three months later was also ACS-US. At the time of the retest, my doctor had the lab do an HPV test on the cells, and I tested positive for one or more of the strains of HPV which cause cancer. (Approximately 80% of all sexually active people have HPV at some time in their life and don't even know it.)

I was referred to an gyn who did a colposcopy and biopsy which showed moderate and severe dysplasia (VAIN II/III) on my vaginal cuff (the area where my cervix used to be.)

I didn't have any treatment at that time, as my mom had just died, and I was having some severe depression. My gyn agreed that my body might clear the dysplasia on it's own (though I later found out that with VAIN III, that rarely happens), so we just monitored the problem with Pap tests every three months.

I had a normal Pap and colposcopy June of 2006, but I think my doctor missed something because in December, my Pap came back LGSIL, a level worse than it had before.

A colposcopy and biopsy in February 2007 showed carcinoma in situ, cancer which hasn't yet spread beyond where it originated. When the CIS was found, my gyn sent me to an oncologist, and I had laser surgery in May. My first follow-up Pap and colposcopy are coming up next Thursday, and I'm getting very nervous. I know the chances are good that everything will be fine, but since I have HPV, there is always the possibility of the dysplasia or even cancer returning.

If I had listened to my first family doctor and never had another Pap test, the cancer may never have been discovered in time. I'm just grateful that my new family doctor suggested that I go ahead with the Pap. It may have saved my life![/QUOTE]


Thank you so much for you valuable information and sharing your experiences.
This is so confusing to say the least. My doctor said I did not have HPV, but this time she said she will check for it!

Sometimes (after reading others experiences) I think some of these doctors just say anything to women.

It frustrates me when the Doctor told me that all the biopsys came back negative (three months ago) and I only had to come back in three months to have another pap.
Now, when I go back she had two interns do a colposcopy and they each took turns looking. One said she did not see anything and the second intern said "well, I see something looks like dark specks" so the doctor said that may be just residue from the LEEP, but they took three biops and now I have to wait it out.
I have no symptoms of anything being wrong. I have no bleeding, no pain, nothing unsual. At this point I think I may need to have another opinion on this thing. I just do not feel confidant about this doctor. She is at a top hospital, but I need to be sure she is experienced enough to really know what is up. Also, she scares me so much because she always has a frowned/worried look on her face, and she NEVER talks about anything other than things beings cancer. She never says any of the lesser issues it may be.

Not saying that the doctor is not a good doctor, but I guess I feel so chopped up since from the start there were problems. When they did the first colop it came back negative, then they did another colpo and this time the interns said they see something which turned out to be the same spot they took from from the first, then they did a LEEP which came back negative.
I know and understand that they want to be sure (I do too) but I wish I could feel like I was more on top of what is happening to me.

I wish you all the best. I know how you must feel. You have come through before and you will come through again. Everything will be alright, and like you say it was best you took the second doctors advice and direction.

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