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I'm new to the boards! My name is Elle. I am 27 and married with 2 children (a daughter that is 7 months old and a son that is 4.5).

Anyhow, in 2005 I had a pap come back as LGSIL. The colposcopy was so bad doc prepared me for a cancer dx. I had 6 biopsies taken in addition to an ECC. The results were HGSIL with extension well into the endocervix. I had a very aggressive LEEP cone biopsy and, luckily, the margins were clear. I had paps every 6 months since and they'd all been normal.

I got pregnant in April 2006 and, due to the aggressive LEEP cone, I had incompetent cervix and preterm labor that had me on bedrest from 28 weeks. By the grace of God, my daughter was born FULL-TERM on 12/26/06and perfectly healthy. We are done having children.

Anyhow, I digress. I had my pap done at the end of May 2007--2 years after the LEEP cone. Anyhow, the results were ASCUS but the HPV test was negative. The nurse just left a message on my medical messaging box. They said to repeat the test in 1 year. What?!?!?! I was thinking maybe they didn't realize my history when they left the message. The message was back in June BTW. Life just got the best of me and I forgot about it until Friday when I checked and found out the results. Bad, I know but I work full-time and DH works 2nd shift so I have NO time to do anything.

So, should I call back and ask to have a repeat sooner than 1 year? That's an awful long time to wait with my past history, IMHO. I think 3-6 months repeat is more reasonable. I'd prefer a colposcopy but would settle with a pap in the next couple months. I am going to get a copy of the results but, until then, I'm debating what I should do. I wouldn't be so concerned but the dysplasia was so bad last time and I'm only 27.

What do y'all think?

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