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Re: Beyond Scared
Aug 14, 2007
Hi there Peanut! I'm so sorry you are going through so much stress right now! And, unfortunately, we all know how you feel.

In 2005 my pap came back LGSIL with high-risk HPV. After the colpo/ECC, my doc said he felt it was a LOT worse than the pap. He took 6 biopsies. The results were HGSIL with extension well into the endocervical canal. I had a VERY aggressive LEEP cone biopsy and the results confirmed HGSIL.

I have been in for paps every 3 months since. I just got my first abnormal since then (May 2007) but the pap was ASCUS so I'm not TERRIBLY concerned. But, with my history, I will ALWAYS be concerned about my paps. My doc said to get a repeat pap in a year but I have no intentions of waiting that long. I see him this coming Monday and I will discuss a repeat pap ASAP.

Your best action right now is to arm yourself with information. Get together a list of questions, etc. about your specific situation to ask your doctor next time you see her or speak with her. Keep track of everything. I have a file devoted to my GYN health. I get copies of everything and put them in my file. I keep notes, appointment information, etc. in this file. Seek a 2nd opinion...even a 3rd if you need to...before agreeing to any one treatment plan and, by that time, you'll be able to make an educated decision based on the education you have on the topic at that time.

Dysplasia is treatable. Even the most severe form is very successfully treated. Dysplasia does not always progress to cancer and, even if you operate on the assumption that it does, the process takes upwards of 10 years. Regular pap smears and treatment, when and if necessary, will drastically reduce the chance of cancer being present. It's HIGHLY unlikely a cancer diagnosis will be made based on even HIGH grade dysplasia on the pap. It is also VERY uncommon that the biopsy results are WORSE than the pap results and even MORE unlikely the LEEP results are worse than the biopsy. By far, the biopsy results are the GOLD STANDARD--LEEP results being more of a gold standard than the biopsy results. A pap is ONLY a screening tool and should NEVER be taken as a diagnosis. If the biopsy shows no dysplasia, it is highly likely your are FINE.

The symptoms you are describing do not seem to be at all related to your dysplasia. Dysplasia is usually without symptoms. Symptoms of cervical cancer do not even include the symptoms you are experiencing so I would not worry they are related. Howeve, if they are causing you discomfort, you need to get it checked out. It sounds more like you might have a UTI or maybe even IC. Definitely I don't think they are related to the dysplasia.

It is very hard to keep your mind off worrying but you NEED to. I've learned the hard way BELIEVE ME and, though I do worry about my possible recurrence, worrying will not get me anywhere and I push the thought out of my head anytime it presents. I will see my doctor on Monday and, until then, there's nothing I can do. I throw myself into my work and my children.

Also, the suggestions for boosting your immune system and becoming as healthy as possible are very worth the effort. You have to take your health into your OWN hands and do whatever possible to make yourself as healhty as possible. You are the ONLY one who can.

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