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Re: Treatment Help
Aug 13, 2007
hi there!

I think I know what's going on with you as I experienced something similar to you. Last year I tested positive for high-risk HPV after 2 years of abnormal paps and benign biopsy results. The biopsy result I had last year came back benign, but the tissue sample showed condyloma on my cervix (warty tissue). I've never had a wart on me externally so this is possible. I'm not sure if the warty tissue was caused by a low risk or my high risk strain-- but in either case, warty tissue is still a benign result! Meaning, no treatment is necessary as there is no dysplasia. However, one year after (this past May), my last biopsy came back as mild-mod dysplasia so I have to work on this now. I have no idea if it is connected to my biopsy last year that showed condyloma, but in either case, if your biopsy comes back as ONLY condyloma, then no treatment is necessary. :)

And if you do have some type of dysplasia come back on your results, I would probably opt for a LEEP or laser. I haven't heard many good things about cryo (the freezing one) from various doctors and I hear it's not as effective (higher chance for recurrence) as LEEP or laser. Best of luck to you! Try not to stress. The waiting it the most HORRIBLE part of all this crap, but you're not alone! Try and keep your mind off of it and spend some time doing things you like. Take care! :)

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