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furtiva, thanks for your response! this pap was *after* my first leep. (i had my first leep march 1st... had my repap june 7th and my second leep july 20th.) i was still diagnosed with carcinoma in situ after my leeps, so i just thought it was odd that a *pap* would give these specific results?!? it really bothered me. i just don't know about another leep. i don't think it's been very successful for me personally.. i don't know if they missed some the first time, or if it came back that quick... after the second leep my dr told me she didn't get it all. that i had scar tissue that formed over it from the first leep... i'm just worried about waiting three months, because i don't know how long this has been going on and it doesn't seem to want to GO AWAY!!! also because i'm in a lot of pain from another source they believe. they've given me pain meds, but i don't want to mask the pain ~ i want to know what is causing it.. so i have decided to get another opinion to compare. I like my dr, i'm just a little leary of waiting i guess. if this new dr says it is absolutely necessary to wait in pain, then i guess that's what i deal with! thanks for listening :)

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