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Thanks again for your valuable input :)

"A biopsy will give the clear answer on what is going on."

This is what is problematic for me. I have had several biops and they all came back negative after the adnormal pap. This is why I ask if there are other issues that can cause a pap to be dx as HGSIL/ll. It is not making a lot of sense to me at this point.

Continue to do well, and thanks again.

I'm unclear as to your question: are saying that you had an abnormal PAP result (please specify), followed by a colp/biopsy which returned negative for dysplasia? This is entirely possible--what specifically did the PAP result indicate? If PAP indicated ASCUS, and biopsy all negative, then you probably do not have dysplasia. Sorry to ask, but what is your age? If over 40, Abnormal Squamus Cell Unspecified Origin (ASCUS) may be produced by hormone level changes, and several other things. What did PAP indicate specifically? What causes you to suggest fungus?[/QUOTE]


I had an abnormal PAP in February. This was the diagnoses:
There was no mention of "margins", "ASCUS", nor did the doctors mention any of these words.

They sent me for a colop and the doctor looked carefully and said several times that he could see nothing really abnormal but he took a biopsy from the 4 o'clock area. That sample came back negative.

They sent me for a LEEP (on what)? and then she said she would spare me the LEEP because she saw something, so she just took another biopsy and I heard her mention "4 O'clock." I told her that is where they took tissue from the first time!
That sample came back negative.

She scheduled me for a LEEP and this time they did the LEEP (on what)? That biopsy came back negative.

She said to come back in three months, and I did that and they did the colop and again took a biospy, and I am now waiting for those results. She said she wanted to be sure because it was unusual for a PAP to come back with that Diagnosis. I can understand that and want to get to the problem as well. I just wanted to be sure they were not taking biopsies from the same places they had already taken from.

I am past menopause (which I had not problems with), I am active and work in the entertainment/broadcasting industry, have no family history of cancer, have no unusual symptoms, and I do not have HPV. She did an internal exam, vaginally and from the rectum and said she did not feel anything unusual. It is very confusing, and of course has given me much stress from thinking it may be cancer someplace other than the cervix.

I mentioned "fungus" because a woman on another board said she had a fungus in her vagina and had problems because of it. I had never heard of a fungus in the vagina.

Thanks again for your response! I truly appreciate any and all advice/information I can get.:) :)

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