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If you are going under general anesthesia, expect to be groggy when you go home for the rest of the day and, possibly the next. You'll feel a little weak regardless of what anesthesia was used and you should rest for the next couple days and take it really easy for a few more days after. You might have some cramping--I only had mild cramping and I had a VERY aggressive LEEP cone. I bled for 3 weeks after (about the amount of a heavy period) but, again, my LEEP cone was aggressive so, if yours isn't going to be as aggressive or if you aren't having a cone with the LEEP, you might not bleed as much or for as long. As always, bleeding that soaks more than a pad per hour should be reported to your doctor ASAP! Take it easy this weekend. I'd actually take it pretty easy for the next week. Follow your post-surgical instructions to the letter. Your body will know if you are doing too much--you'll likely start bleeding heavier if you are overextending yourself.

HTH! GL! It REALLY isn't as bad as your mind is making it out to be! Let us know how things are going when you are rested up and feeling better!

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