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Things have gone very well so far. Had general anesthesia and no pain or cramping after the procedure. I had no discharge of any type the first three days. Today I am having some brownish spotting and have passed a couple of "clumps of stuff" in the morning when I first go to the bathroom.

I will be sure to post a complete "history" of my experience when it is over. I am so thankful for everyone's posts on this board. You all have really helped me in what to expect in the next few weeks. I would have totally freaked out over the "clumps" but was prepared due to others' experiences. My doctor did not prepare me in any way what so ever as to what to expect. All he did was tell me he was cutting out a cone shaped piece of my cervix. End of conversation. I guess it's partly my fault for not asking questions but I had never heard of a leep cone biopsy in my life and had no idea of what type of questions to even begin asking.

At this point, my advice to anyone who has been told they need a leep cone biopsy due to the findings of a colposcopy would be to not schedule one immediately and do some research first. After reading some info, schedule a follow-up consultation with your doctor, ask lots of questions and then proceed from there. (For instance, I found during my research that there is a preferred time during your cycle to have a cone biopsy. My doctor never mentioned this.)

Hope you find something to stop your bleeding soon. That is a real drag after so many weeks. Good luck.


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