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I attempted to get the copy of my ASCUS pap from May 2007 today but my file was at the other office so no dice there. I wish I could get the stupid thing (been trying forever) so I can read the results MYSELF and have my pathologist aunt decipher what I can't understand.

Anyhow, I did speak with them since my doc or his nurse hasn't called me back with regards to having a repeat pap sooner than the 1 year he is suggesting. BTW....he uses the ThinPrep test.

Anyhow, because my HPV test was negative this time around, he insists 1 year is a resonable amount of time to wait for a repeat after the ASCUS. I feel otherwise. I think, due to my history of HSIL (FIRST abnormal pap) that resulted in a VERY aggressive LEEP cone, a repeat at 3 or 6 months is much more reasonable--ThinPrep or not. I would just feel better about it. I do not want to wait 1 year to know more just because he doesn't want to "fit me in" with the more important PREGNANT patients. It's no secret in his office that his pregnant patients are "more important" but he's such a d*mn good doc that does it all that I usually don't mind.

I'm thinking I want to consult with a GYN/ONC. I know the result was ASCUS and that it can mean any number of menial things but, well, I have 2 little kiddies I need to worry about and I'd rather not wait 1 year to know if it was, indeed, something menial or recurrence.

Any thoughts?

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