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Re: Back Again
Aug 28, 2007
Thenks elle
i know the chances are low but every time i think somethin bad is gonna happen it does. i took Mum to my pap test results and told her i bet it's somethin bad and guess what hpv type 18 then i think the heart is gettin worse and yep it is. I'm a little sccared of what the anaesthetic will do aswell i mean when i had high grade changes back in 2004 they burnt it off was put under and walked out a few hours later but this time my heart doc says there's no way i can go home i have to be in overnight for observation that's got me a little spooked. My doc didn't do a coloscopy just said i needed surgery that makes me wonder 2 i mean i had high grade abnoramlities in 2004 and now have it again the chances of that are only 4% so you see why im worried. By the way do you know how long it takes to get the results back? i won't have to stress for weeks will i:confused:

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