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Re: Back Again
Aug 28, 2007
The chances are slim that the results of the LEEP will be worse than the biopsy was. It is possible but pretty unlikely. Your doctor should have gotten a pretty good idea of what you are dealing with at your colposcopy. If he/she is not worried about a cancer diagnosis, I wouldn't if I were you. It's tough to deal with and definitely stressful but there isn't much you can do. The LEEP is curative as well as diagnostic. The tissue will be tested to determine what stage of cervical dysplasia and whether all the pre-cancerous lesion/cells were removed. Chemotherapy is generally NOT given for non-invasive cervical cancer (carcinoma-in-situ). CIS is treated like severe dysplasia--more tissue is generally removed since the cells are deeper than with dysplasia. Technically it IS cancer but it is cancer that has NOT spread outside of the cervix. The chances you have invasive cervical cancer are pretty remote--ESPECIALLY if you get a pap at least once a year. Cervical dysplasia takes many, many years (upwards of 10) to progress to cervical caner--if it even does.

Recurrence after a LEEP is pretty low but it does happen. Especially if there is active HPV infection. With dysplasia history, this is why it is imperative to get regular paps in a schedule recommended by your doctor whether it be every 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

Try and calm down. It is HIGHLY unlikely you'll get a cervical cancer diagnosis but, even if you did, cervical cancer is HIGHLY treatable! The people that die of cervical cancer are generally women that never got regular paps and only went to the GYN when they had symptoms. For a woman that gets regularly screened and gets treated for any precancerous cells/lesions, I will repeat, the chance for cancer is very very very low.

HTH! GL! Right now you NEED to concentrate on your heart condition and staying as stress-free as possible. Sure, it is hard but you NEED to. Your hear is THE most important issue you have right now. The dysplasia will be treated and you will be fine. Take care of yourself and your heart!

Let us know how everything turns out!

LEEP cone June 2007. Severe dysplasia dx (HGSIL). ASCUS pap May 2007.

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