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Did you not bleed post-LEEP? I had a LEEP cone and bled for 3 weeks straight! Since it was only a week and a half after treatment, I'd be willing to bet it's related to the LEEP. Not sure of the nausea feeling, tho. But, if you didn't have any bleeding and all of a sudden began bleeding, it's likely it could be a period. If you aren't regular, having 2 periods that close together is feasible. I'd wait a week or so and, if the bleeding doesn't subside, call your doctor. Did you go for a follow-up after the LEEP? Did your doctor mention whether you were healing well? Maybe your cervix isn't healing as well as it should. Is there a lot of bleeding (more than a pad an hour)? If so, call your doctor ASAP. If it is as much as a period, I'd try and wait it out a week or so.

I hope I answered some of your questions. I'm just a little confused regarding the circumstances. But, if you are ever uncomfortable with what is going on with your body, call your doctor. That's what they are there for and what they are PAID for! GL! Hope all gets better soon!

LEEP cone June 2005. Dx severe dysplasia. ASCUS pap May 2007.
It absolutely could be post LEEP bleeding. Mine didn't start for nearly 4 full days after my procedure. The solution they put on you after the LEEP creates a scab and eventually falls off making you bleed (as I understood it). I'm going on 2 weeks and am still bleeding. As a matter of fact, I just came to this board wondering if that was normal! I ended up in the ER last Monday as I was bleeding through a pad an hour but they said I was ok and that clots were just not releasing like they should have.
Now that you clarify, I do think this is strange. It is likely you are just not healing properly for whatever reason. Did you have sex or use a tampon before 6 weeks? Did you engage in very strenous activity soon after the LEEP? All these could cause prolonged or excessive bleeding. You might need cauterization or that solution they put on there to help slow/stop bleeding. They do this after the LEEP but sometimes it is not enough. I would call and demand an appt BEFORE 1 week and have your doctor take a look. I have NO idea why he'd make you wait 6 months but maybe he doesn't feel a need to check progress. That is strange and I don't know if that would make me feel very comfortable. Just call and demand an appt. If the office refuses, go to another doctor. I know that is easier said than done but, if you aren't healing properly, you need it fixed sooner rather than later. 6 months just wouldn't be acceptable in that situation.

GL! Hope you get seen soon and the bleeding stops.

LEEP cone June 2005. Dx severe dysplasia (HGSIL). ASCUS May 2007.
If it makes you feel any better.......I experienced the EXACT issues you are experiencing. My LEEP procedure was done almost six weeks ago. I went through the extra applying of the Monsel, vaginal packing, etc........none of which worked. I ultimately ended up having to go in to have them suture the areas where they took the biopsies during the LEEP (that was 3 weeks AFTER the LEEP). Just so you know, I was put to sleep for this procedure. My doctor attempted to stitch me in his office and it was just too painful!! So, if you are at all nervous, request to be put to sleep. It made things much easier, believe me!! I am now scheduled for a complete abdominal hysterectomy on September 7th....I will be very glad when this whole ordeal is over!!! Best of luck to you......oh, and call your doctor right away!!
I'd call the doc. Maybe you need to be stitched. If you're still bleeding a week after they did the cauterization, go back in. Stitching should correct the bleeding.

KWIM....Know What I Mean?

Sorry, I'm so used to internet-speak that I use it all the time without thinking! I've done it in emails to my BOSS! LOL!

Hope the bleeding stops soon! Good luck!

LEEP cone June 2005. Dx severe dysplasia (HGSIL). ASCUS pap May 2007.

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