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Re: Panicking
Aug 28, 2007
Dear lah23,
I know you are very, very scared. First, take a deep breath and try to relax. I was in the exact same place as you back in May. I was told there was an "area" of the cervix that looked suspicious and after the colpo the report said, possible invasion. I had a cone and was told I had stage 1b adenocarcinoma. Now, I am NOT trying to scare you so hold on, I saw an oncologist who told me that squamous cell and adenocarcinoma cervical cancers are treated the same and the prognosis is the same. Adenocarcinoma is NOT "worse" or more dangerous. Also, it is NOT "very rare". The success rates of cure are the same for either one. Actually, several Dr.s told me that. That's 1st of all.

Now you do not know that you even have invasive cancer and most likely you do NOT. 2nd, IF you do, it certainly does NOT mean the end of your fertility. If you have a very early stage cancer and have clear margins after the cone, you may not even need a hysterectomy. Your gyn/onc will probably explain all this to you. If it is a little more advanced, you can have a trachelectomy, which is what I had. It is a surgical procedure similar to a hysterectomy. If there is no sign of spread, they take out the cervix and keep your uterus so that you can still carry a baby. Unfortunately for me, they discovered I had 1 positive lymph node after surgery so I will need chemo and radiation, but it is NOT common to have positive nodes with early stage cc and usually the surgery is all that is needed. I had my ovaries "moved" before the chemo and radiation so they will not be affected and I could still use my eggs if I wanted a surrogate, but I am getting too far ahead for you as you probably don't need to think about all this right now. You will be fine. I know how scary it is, believe me.
It is good you are seeing a gyn/ONC. That's very important. Try to stay positive and always remember that you have many options for fertility. I had a trachelectomy, had my ovaries moved, and will now be starting chemo and radiation and you know what my Dr. said?, It is not impossible for me to get pregnant again. The odds are definately against me but I am still hopeful. I already have a son and am soooo grateful and blessed to have him but I always wanted to give him a little brother or sister so.......who knows. You are young and strong and WILL get through this no matter what happens. I hope that everything turns out good for you and keep us posted. Good luck.:wave:

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