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[QUOTE=sharona714;3195965]Hi Kitty,
1st, try to relax, it is highly doubtable that what you are feeling is due to cc. It does not typically cause cramping. You must have been dx at a VERY early stage because you did not have a hysterectomy, which is standard if you are a stage 1a2 or more and in some instances even a 1a1. What stage were you dx? Did you have a leep, or a cone biopsy? Just curious because you got pregnant fairly quickly after you said they "got it all". Usually the cervix takes quite a bit of time to heal before becoming pregnant can become a possibility. I am assuming your baby was born in July? If so, it is normal to feel cramping for a couple of months if not more. The uterus takes time to go back to it's normal size. When I had my baby, that happened to me, felt like period cramps from time to time. You shouldn't worry, just make a call out to your ob/gyn and let him know.[/QUOTE]

i had a leep in june thsi year for CINII AND hgsil: two months on i odubt if i could conceive at the moment due to my periods having "abolished themselves", i am told this is teh norm after invasive treatment so not to worry....was it definiatly cancer in situ taht you had?or was it severe dysplasia, as this also covers pre-cancerous cells? i know people can get very confused when they hear a dx, and panick and think teh worst, i know i certainly did when the doctor originally told me that i had CINIII, thankfully the leep showed only CINII. did you get teh actual results of yoru leep/cone biopsy? as this may be different from yoru initial dx?

whatever the answers to teh above questions i woudl definiatly get checked out. once you have been treated fro dysplasia, youa re meant toa ttend follow up checks every six months (pap and coposcopy), until you have three all clears in a row, only at this point do you stop being classed as "high risk", and even still they recommend you continue with annual pap tests fro a further ten years.....

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