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Hi there!

I think the other women posted great responses to your post and remember, the main thing is that you DO NOT have cancer now and you just have the very very pre pre beginning stages. Dysplasia, pre cancerous cells, sometimes never evolve into cancerous cells, so also keep that in mind. Of course, it is better to get the area removed than let it sit there and see if it progresses or not.

But in either case, you will be FINE. The LEEP has a great track record at keeping the dysplasia from recurring and in treating the affected area.

But the LEEP is not a cure, and I feel that you should know that. It merely treats the pre-cancerous lesion so in order to make sure that the dysplasia does not recur, you should definitely TAKE CARE of your health. The only way to keep HPV at bay is to boost your immune system. LEEPs, cryo, etc will never cure us of HPV. And HPV is the culprit in causing cervical dysplasia.

So basically, without trying to seem like a lecturing mother, you MUST quit smoking if you want to do everything to make sure that your HPV will be suppressed and that you won't develop dysplasia again after your LEEP. Also, if you're an anxious person, definitely look into taking care of that (counseling, etc) because stress definitely worsens dysplasia and takes its toll on our immune systems. And eat well (plenty of veggies) and exercise! The usual good things we know we should do for our bodies! :) But honestly, this will definitely help you overall and boost your immune system so that nasty dysplasia won't come back.

Good luck with your LEEP and take care!

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