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All of a sudden I'm having bleeding after sex, during also, that lasts for a day or two. The last 6-7 times this has happened. About a month+ this has been going on. I've also been having periodic cramping followed by some bleeding that isn't quite normal looking. It's colored more like the stuff that came out after I had a vag packing with all that solution to stop the post LEEP bleeding--not coffee ground looking, but orange/red stuff instead of red or pink from a light period. I do not get a period anymore since I got an IUD inserted in Nov. last year. I am scared to call the doctor. I am there so frequently that I feel like a hypocondriac. I have had problems with the cervix, ovarian cysts, my IUD too. I just am so sick of being at the Gyno every several weeks. Has anyone else had this problem? I don't know if it is cervical or the other two possibilities. Some input would be great. Thanks.

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