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Hi there,

So did your endocervical curretage (ECC) come back showing that you had dysplasia up in your canal? I'm not sure why your doctor gave you the option between a LEEP and a cone, because I believe the cone is used to treat women who have dysplasia up in the canal. The LEEP is used to treat dysplasia that is just on the surface of the cervix and doesn't go unto the canal. So if your doc suggested a cone, then I suppose you have dysplasia in your canal.

The main difference between a cone and a LEEP is that a cone removes more cervical tissue than a LEEP-- it may mean for more complications during your pregnancy as it leads to more instances of cervical incompetence (a weak cervix which makes it hard to hold the baby in) than a LEEP would. But even if you have this complication while pregnant, your OB will monitor you and if necessary, place a stitch in your cervix to keep it shut so you won't miscarry.

So if I were you, I'd ask your doc why he suggested a cone if it's not necessary. If he says you can get a LEEP done and it will treat your dysplasia, I'd go with the LEEP if I were you, especially since you'd like to have children one day. I hope this helps!

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