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Yeah thats normal. I had mine done last week, and I think they wrap the iodine stuff-coffee ground stuff- onto your cervix with a thin plastic like paperish thing. I know I am being really technical about this here, I dont know what to call it, but I also had it, and thats the only thing I could figure was that it was to hold the coffee ground stuff onto the cervix to make sure it would stop bleeding and all. I had a little come out that day I had it done, and then the next day the rest came out. You will be fine, dont freak out!! I hope your results come back good!! I got mine in three days, which was awesome because I was freaking out. I have HGSIL with mild displasia, so they are going to do a LEEP on Friday. I have a really good dr, he is even going to do it in the hospital and put me to sleep for it. He says there is no reason for someone to be awake for something like that because it will just make them nervous and its easier to put them to sleep. So, 5:30 Friday morning I will be at the hospital for my LEEP and hopefully I will be done with all of this!! Good luck with yourse!!!

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