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:confused: What I didn't ask in my other thread is this...what are the chances that a LEEP sample comes back much worse than the initial biopsy from a colposcopy? I'm waiting for the LEEP results now and so scared they will be worse than what the biopsy from the colposcopy revealed.... has anyone gone through this and had a good outcome? or a bad one?
Well, discrepencies are always possible & can go either way. I have heard in some cases it is not as bad as originally thought, and of course it is sometimes worse than originally thought. I recall my first abnormal pap in 2005 came back LGSIL. The colposcopy & biopsy came back CIN II-III, and my LEEP determined CIN III with clear margins and CIN I with positive margins. They had told me at first I would likely have to have cryotherapy, so it came as quite a shock when I got a call saying I would actually need the LEEP procedure. Its unfortunate, but they simply won't be able to give any definates until they have the actual tissue sample to examine.

If you have not gotten your results back yet, I hope you get them soon. I know all too well how the waiting can drive you mad.

Lets hope for the best results possible. Please let us know when you find out. Best wishes to you...try to hang in there...
Thanks so much Cyn. I get my results tomorrow so I will post then. Are you all in the clear now?
Well I had my LEEP in May of 2005. I have had pap smears every three months since. Some have been normal, some have had mild inflamatory changes, and one has been ASCUS. My lastest one came back normal, but it said endocervical transformation zone not present or scant. They had me go back in to collect more cells (ECC's). The results came back the same, so the doctor thinks I may have some scar tissue from LEEP making it hard to collect cells in the endocervical canal. So, I am going in on Nov 15th to have my cervix dilated in hopes of being able to get a proper sample. If it comes back normal I won't have to go back in for another six months for a pap, so for now I am on top of the cervical stuff. I am high risk HPV positive so I will never let more than a year go by without getting a pap in the future. The only bummer is I am now plagued with ovarian cysts for the first time in my life. I am anxious to get all of this under control husband and I want to try for a little one!! Didn't mean to go on such a rant...

Wishing you good luck on your results !!!! :)
I just had a baby and I have polycystic ovaries, but had no problem whatsoever conceiving, and my pregnancy was so easy. I wish the same for you! I hope you get good results back from your tests--I know how tough it is waiting. Sending you good thoughts!:angel:

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