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They did the CT on my stomach and not my pelvic area because I was having a real time with loose bowels (sorry don't mean to be gross) but the cyst didn't show up It only shows up on the ultrasounds. I have been real dizzy and weak lately but no fever but I don't know if thats from the cyst or the fact I went off cymbalta about a week ago. The pain is bad and I was going to go tonight but it was raining here so bad and my truck tires aren't that good I thought it would be better if I waited till sunday morning. I have to work all day tomorrow and saturday and don't want to miss but I will keep ya'll updated. I had a cyst last november that was so bad and didn't go away and finally one day i couldn't take it anymore and went to the ER but I had insurance then so they were more than glad to do all kinds of Found out it had twisted my ovary and rushed me into emergency surgery to remove it. I will tell them that I want another ultrasound done though sunday cause as of last month is was around baseball size and I think it has gotten bigger cause it hurts worse. But its on my left side and my whole pelvic and back hurt real bad. The one I had in january only hurt on my right side where the cyst was and it was around the same size. That is what I got so worried about. But thank you for the response and will let ya'll know what they say sunday!


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