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I went to my Dr. regarding abdominal pains and cramps in on one side and major back pains. I had a pap done and the Dr.noticed that my cervix was red and inflammed, he then doubled checked that I wasen't pregnant, then was that test came back negitive he then thought I might have an STD so he gave me anti-biotics just incase. While there at the hospital I had blood work done which was all negitive and a test for chlamydia which also was negitive (phew!!!).

The pains have decreased, but I'm wondering what the reddness and inflammation is caused by and if it's safe to have intercouse with my partner of ten years?
I'm new to this messege board and not too how to respond to the responses I get. asked was my pap ok? My cervix looked swollen and red, and a swab was taken. I'm not sure other than that, I was told I would get a call if their was any problems. Well Ididn't get a call at all this week and I saw the Dr. on Monday night. I think it's safe to say their was no deases or anythong to be conrened about. I'm gonna call my Dr. again and see what the next step is. Is it safe to have sex again? Did you wait to have sex again. You has bleeding after eh? What did you do?

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