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Post leep
Oct 26, 2007
I just had my leep procedure on monday 10/22/07. I am 23 years old and this whole abnormal thing started in july 07. That's when i had my first abnormal papsmear. I freaked out!!! I eventually realized that this was very normal for women to go through. So now I am just waiting for my results.
Ive been reading these bulletins and it's so crazy because i've been experiencing a horrible odor and a discharge off and on. There has been some tissue, but no blood? Now the before surgery paper i received says to basically freak out if you have an odor, but after reading this im very puzzled. It's been almost 5 days and im still in some pain which is confusing me even more since the fact that my doctor told me this procedure was cake as well as some of you ladies out there?? The hardest part of this experience is waiting for all the darn results!!!! If there is anyone out there that has any advise or needs someone to vent to as well im here!!!!!
Re: Post leep
Oct 29, 2007
I am freaking out all over again today. I had LEEP in June this year and it is hard waiting for the results, I know that for sure. It was hard waiting for the follow up Pap results too. I have been going through this since May '06. I have my ups and downs. Sometimes I am so strong and take it for what it is, but today is a down. I am having Cryosurgery at 1:30 and I am just sad. I do not want to keep going through this. My husband is coming with me today so we can discuss long-term issues. If I cannot get this cleared up am I going to be able to have children? What if I wait too long? That's what I keep thinking about right now. I am having other issues as well. I have an IUD that may be causing me problems and I keep getting ovarian cysts. I am bleeding during sex and I cramp constantly. Everything all at once....BUT we are strong and we are all here together, right? Don't stress too much about the wait time for results, they will come in soon. I do not know much about the odor. I had some, but it wasn't too strong so I didn't worry. If you think it may be a problem or even if you are just wondering, I would call your doctor. I call mine all the time just asking questions-its funny I don't even have to tell them who I am, they know my voice. But thats OK, that is what they are there for. Well, I sure did take you up on your offer to vent!! I will be able to give you better advise and past stories later. Today I am too stressed to think much, but I will be thinking of you and praying for you.:angel:

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