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Hello everyone,

I'm here to write my story about my personal success with naturopathic medicine. I just received the great news an hour ago from my gynecologist stating that my biopsy results and ECC are NORMAL! BENIGN! For those of you who don't remember me, I'll recap my medical history briefly:

I started having ASCUS paps nearly 3 years ago and I was tested positive for high-risk HPV two years ago. Two biopsies came back benign, but last May my third colposcopy/biopsy results showed mild/moderate dysplasia (CIN I-II). The gynecologist urged that get a LEEP but I was very hesitant about this. Knowing that dysplasia is VERY slow to progress to cancer, if it progresses at all, I decided to delay the LEEP and seek an alternative method before resorting to a LEEP.

I then went to a Naturopathic Doctor in the Los Angeles area last June and she put me on a health regimen that consisted of: daily vitamins (TONS of them-- beta carotene, folic acid, multi vitamins, among others), daily suppositories for 3 months (not fun but WORTH IT now in retrospect), slight changes to my diet and lifestyle (but nothing major as I love my coffee and sweets and didn't give them up entirely, but i did eat more veggies and spinach almost every day), exercised regularly, and reduced my stress levels in my life (hard to do, being a full time grad student, but I had no choice!).

After three months of this, I went in 2 weeks ago for a pap smear, colposcopy and biopsy all in one day. The doctor saw some abnormalities and took 2 biopsies-- disappointed, I feared that I still had dysplasia and pysched myself these past 2 weeks for having to get a LEEP done.

So when the doctor called today and told me my biopsies showed NO DYSPLASIA, I was in utter shock and I was completely elated. Having gone from CIN I-II with endocervical gland duct involvement TO NO DYSPLASIA AT ALL (only atypical cells) was indeed amazing to me. While perhaps my body could have fought off and made the dysplasia regress on its own, I am 100% convinced that this health regimen my naturopathic doctor put me on helped out GREATLY, if not mostly, in my recovery.

So while my pap smear still showed atypia (ASCUS results), I know I have to still be vigilant and know I'm not completely out of the woods yet. This is why I'm still going to stay on my health regimen for maintainence and to make sure this nasty dysplasia never comes back. I hope this story has given some hope to you ladies out there and for any of you toying with the idea of trying naturopathic medicine, GO FOR IT! There is absolutely nothing to lose and you can always rely on traditional western medicine if it doesn't work for you. Please let me know if anyone has any more questions! Take care everyone and remember we're all in this together and we can all make it through successfully! :) Love to everyone

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