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[QUOTE=LAgirl81;3283873]Sure I'd be happy to tell you all that I did during that 3-month period.

Unfortunately, I had to abstain from sex but this was easy for me as my boyfriend is currently in New York doing a residency. When he visited me, I took a 2-week break from my suppository regimen-- but for me, it didn't affect my overall results. You're supposed to abstain from penetrative sex during the regimen as your cervix needs time to heal and not be irritated by semen, etc.

I used three types of vaginal suppositories. For one week, I'd use a Vitamin A suppository before bed and at the end of the week I'd use this other suppository called vaginal depletion packs. Those were VERY irritating because the herb they use in it act like a naturopathic cyrosurgery-- that particular suppository is used to make the abnormal, dysplastic cells shed naturally. The week after I use the vitamin a suppository, I use another type of vaginal suppositories called pappiloderm suppositories, followed by another vaginal depletion pack suppository on the 7th night. I did this for three months, with a two week break in between.

My vitamin supplements consisted of LARGE amounts of folic acid (around 5 mg a day), beta carotene, a multivitamin, zinc lozenges, fish oil supplements, and a large amount of vitamin C. I cut back on caffeine (a cup every other day) and upped my intake of green tea. Also, I ate more dark, leafy veggies and had spinach salads almost everyday! I ate more fish and healthy protein (like edamame soy beans, lentil soups) and replaced white rice with brown rice. I also SLEPT plenty (at least 8 hours a day) and cut back on my stress levels, which was the biggest challenge. And EXERCISE is very, very important.

Seeing that you're in Oregon, you should check with a local naturopathic doctor if you're interested in trying this regimen. As far as I know, there are a couple of great naturopathic medical schools there and in Washington, so you'd probably find great doctors there. I hope this helps! Take care![/QUOTE]

LAGirl, congratulations!!! Thanks for this post and some hope.

I just received a diagnosis of CIN 1/mild dysplasia with high risk strain(s) of HPV after 7 normal paps in a row. My past pap in 9/2006 was normal, so I probably contacted in the last year, year and a half. I had NO idea I had HR HPV (I was there for BV), but in retrospect, something's been off for months. I've had recurrent BV, something I've NEVER had before, and co-infections are common with STDs. I'm positive I got it from one of two partners I've had in the last 2 years (the others were either virgins, or protected, all long ago). Ironically, both were tested for every STD a man can be tested for, including herpes 1 and 2, and negative for all of them, but I still got HPV. What luck.

I'm scared because in the less than 1 year I've had this, my HPV has caused mild dysplasia. I don't know why my body is not clearing it and not even strong enough to fight off cellular changes. I think this means it's progressing fast? My ob was very flippant with me when I went in to ask questions--he didn't think my worry was warranted in the slightest--needless to say he didn't want to biopsy me either. So I'm geting a second opinion. I've been researching LEEP v. cryo, and undecided. I can't bear the wait and see approach, the waiting is the worst, but I want to preserve my fertility, and I know LEEP and cryo (and the other methods) can affect that.

Can you tell us specifically which suppositories you used? Did you make them yourself or can you buy them? Are they painful? Do they cause any irritation? You followed this regimen for 3 months, right?

No problem abstaining from sex for 3 months. After this horrible news, I'm considering abstaining from sex forever.

Thanks for any advice.

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