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Oct 31, 2007
Hi Ladies

I am just looking for some advise and support please. I am sure I have come to the right place.

I had my first Leep done for CIN II in the beginning of July. I had quite a bad time during the healing process and had three weeks of heavy bleeding an lots of watery discharge.

thankfully that is all over with now and I am healing well....although I still seem to have more discharge than I used to have before the Leep.

I dont think its an abnormal amount of discharge and it doesnt smell or anything it just seems to be the natural discharge that us ladies get but just more of it than I used to get pre-Leep. Does that make sense??!!

I have been checked for infection by my GP and he has confirmed I dont have an infection. I have my follow up colposcopy soon (dec) so will mention it to them but in the mean time I was just wondering if anyone else was having more discharge 3 months after the Leep????

Can the Leep affect our hormones? Just wondered as it was starting to annoy me and I have also been more emotional after the Leep and I heard a rumour that it can affect our hormones. I have just finished my period so that could be why I am a little weepy.

thanks so much x

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