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i had a pap smear about 2 months ago and i hadnt had one in 3 years... when my results of this one came back abnormal i was so scared. I ended up having the severe dysplasia also.. mine was called CIN III which is the worst before cancer. by just having a pap smear done they cant detect severe dysplasia so im not sure why your doctor told you that, they have to actually do a biopsy to tell what stage abnormal cells you have, if you did have that then yes something should have been done becuase my situation was similar. I had to get a LEEP procedure done, which is a deeper biopsy, sort of like a cone... your doctor definately should have done that if the colposcopy came up clear... they shouldnt be doing normal paps on you, ask them about the Leep procedure, that shows if its went deeper and they actually burn the cells off of your cervix. But as far as you have cancer, if you didnt 3 months ago you more than likely dont after 3 months because it takes years to develop... im only 21, i was scared i couldnt have kids but my doctor said i would be able to.

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