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I had my pap done in Aug and I received abnormal results that showed positive HPV. I went in for a colpscopy and biopsy last month and they came back with moderate to severe dysplasia. I am now scheduled to go in for my LEEP procedure in 2 weeks. I just have a question:
I have the Mirena IUD, do they need to remove it?
I am also getting a leep procedure done, on Sept 25th, and have the Mirena IUD. I was wondering if anyone else has gone thru this.
My doctor said he'll try and keep it in place but during the process of "cutting" thru the cervix he will have to cut the strings so if it does stay in place when it is time to remove the IUD (5 yrs) they may have a hard time because the string length won't be there.
I have mirena and and also had the LEEP done in June of this yr. I was worried about the same thing because the dr. had to cut the strings and there is not a way to check to see if its still in place. I thnink drs. should remove it, do the surgery then after healing put another in place just so we dont have to worry about our birth control working while we're going thru a stressful enough time having this other surgery done. I dont go back until dec to see it the LEEP worked but hopefully all went well and I wish the same for you ladies too!
i had a leep done with iud in and the strings were cut. Now I cant have it taken out im 6 months over, and no DR. will take it out. now im in pain and cnt no one totell me why, From what im gathering is that my body is going in to labor to try to push it out but it is so pain full and it going to cost a lot more to have it taken out cause they have to do a ultrasound to see where it is. So ladys dont let the DR talk you into leaving it in.
I just had my LEEP done last week and while I was on the table the Dr. said oh we have a problem.If I do the LEEP your strings will be cut and have to be surgically removed. I had it removed.Hopefully the insurance will pay to have it reinserted. At least I know taking care of this is my number one priority and I would not risk needing more surgery when I can use other methods of birthcontrol for the time being. Now I have a question that hopefully someone can answer :). I got my leep results myself and now i'm waiting for my apt. in 2 days.:(.I hate waiting. My results went from LSIL MILD DYSPLASIA with no endocervical dysplasia to now moderate dysplasia with endocervical and gland involvement with HGSIL. Which is really freaking me out due to these results only being 3 wks. apart. When they did my LEEP she said i had alot more cells than my Colposcopy and she wouldnt have clear margins due to me bleeding badly so she couldnt cut anymore but she did burn what she could. So my nerves are going crazy and I don't know what treatment anyone recomends??? My friends mom says hysterectomy due to the progressing and spreading. PLEASE can someone let me know if they have had something similar and what treatment is recommended?? -Thank you! And good luck to everyone, this is very nerve racking!

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