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Hi girls!

Brie-- I'm so glad that you are researching and reading all that you possibly can on how HPV and dysplasia works. I don't know about you, but I'm NOT a science-inclined person and I"m in grad school for literature, so my brain is not well trained in grasping scientific terminology-- SO it was a challenge for me to be able to understand some of those medical journals that explained the workings of HPV and dysplasia! But keep on reading and researching-- that is the best thing you can do!

Regarding lesion sizes, I really don't know about that. Like Cin said, every woman is different and will have different types of dysplastic lesions. Sometimes they are little lesions on a corner of the cervix, sometimes they are larger ones all over the surface of the cervix, sometimes there is just one spot that needs to be removed. For LEEPs, CIN II is a more shallow LEEP and CIN III is a more aggressive, deeper LEEP. This makes sense as CIN II is only about half to 2/3 of the lining of the cervix and CIN III is from 2/3 to all the lining of the cervix.

Since CIN I is only a minimal level of the lining (1/3) this usually regresses on its own. You really must relax and give your body time to fight this off-- of course, you can help your body by being healthy, etc., but remember that stress also wreaks havoc on the body! You may think your doctors are being conservative in their treatment recommendation, but I think they are doing what most doctors do with a patient in your situation. My best friend's mom said that she's seen OVERTREATMENT and that is horrible! She said she had a new patient whose old doctor gave her a LEEP for her CIN I!!

I think you're right about the cyro-- I, too, have heard from various doctors about cryo pusing the t-zone up higher (haha sorry i don't know the scientific terminology) making it harder to detect abnormal cells if they are to pop up in the future. Plus, it has a high recurrence rate so that's bad, too. I would never opt for cryo and would do a LEEP over cryo any day. Plus, cryo is only effective for milder dysplasias so it doesn't make sense to do it for more severe dysplasias.

Having said that, I completely know what you're going through. When I found out about my CIN last May, I buckled under the stress (plus being a full time student and a teaching assistant, etc) and had a whole day of "melt down", hahaha. I went to my parents' home and just did nothing all day and cried. Looking back, I think that mini melt down was good for me, BUT it is not good to wallow in it for TOO long. :) I think as more time passes, you'll handle it better and be able to cope with it fine. It is very very stressful initially but once it settles in you'll be fine. :)
[QUOTE=brieaukirsch;3315702]I think this means my lesion was pretty big then, if it was the size of a q-tip head.

I was leaning towards cryo. His demeanor indicated he felt this was a better approach initially, but he made no mention of the TZ disappearing up the ECC.

So Cyn, you actually had more lesions than what the colpo showed? That's my big fear right now, that he wasn't able to visualize everything. And sometimes, lesions can even be benign? Meaning completely unaffected by HPV? What is "ECS?"

If it's still there next time, but "just" one spot (same spot), can I just cryo that one spot or does it invert the ENTIRE cervix? Or, can I have a lopsided shallow leep, targeted just at the 1:00 lesion? I hate the thought of removing perfectly good cervical tissue.

I know you guys think I am ok if it comes back CIN1, but I really do know how long I have had this (12 months) and he says if it's not gone in a year it's probably going to stick around, plus, I can't change my lifestyle too much, I've already done everything right (except have unprotected sex!) so it's not as if I can stop smoking and wait for my lesions to regress from that. :( That is why he is willing to treat in March if it's still there (in fact, he is willing to treat now if I want, but warns me I may be in the same situation 6 months from now, due to recurrence. He kept emphasizing this implying it happens a lot). And there have been way more than enough gals on this board who progressed from nothing to CIS in a year or two for my comfort. Of course, I don't want to have parts of my cervix removed unnecessarily, I do want babies in the near future, as well as all my body parts, but the thought of having this inside me is awful.

I am dying to try the suppositories and can't find an ND within 200 miles of me. :( I want to order Beta-Mannan suppositories (basically: aloe vera and vitamin E), but man does that website ever look sketchy...

Thanks again gals, for your input and support.[/QUOTE]

I see your stradegy as far as comparing lesion size...clever! The transformation zone is a risk with both LEEP & Cryro. I have personal experience with this now after LEEP, my last few paps came back with endocervical transformation component zone not present or scant. First doctor over looked it, my current doctor took action thankfully & dilated. Based on my personal experience, cryro is not something I would ever do. I think its of extreme importance to have a tissue sample to examine in order to be sure of a diagnosis. For CIN I I would take LAgirls natural approach along with close watch. Pray it regressed, and LEEP if it advanced. I would insist the close watch involved colposcopy however, I would not let my fate rest on the pap alone. I would also want HPV testing to see if an active infection is present. High risk typing is all I am concerned about. Narrowing it down to the exact type won't change protocol, so its of no use really other than just to know for ones own records.

My LEEP specimen was dissected into six sections for pathology. A. center B. bottom C. top D. Left edge E. 2nd pass and F. ECS (Endocervical sampling) Path report confirmed A1.CIN III not involving inked histologic margin A2.CIN I involving histologic margin B. CIN I involving histologic margin C. CIN I involving internal (proximal) histologic margin D. CIN I involving histologic margin E.Benign endocervical tissue and cervical stroma negative for intraepithelial lesion and F.Fragments of benign endocervical tissue. (lesions can be benign, often caused by a different strain of HPV for instance 6 & 11 or low risk) I have never heard of partial LEEPS or cryro, not to say its not possible though. I would venture to say its not favorable however. I hear ya on losing perfectly good tissue. Better safe than sorry though right?

I have heard positive things on beta-mennan, lol, does look shady though. Its hard to say what your body will do in the course of six months. You may be lucky as LAgirl has, or it may go on to a more advanced grade. I took vitamins regularly, ate very very healthy, and worked out like mad before my fist abnormal pap. I was still diagnosed with HGSIL despite my efforts poured into my health. You just never know what is going to happen, HPV is unpredictable, so all you can do is be as informed as you possibly can, make decisions accordingly, & be extra diligent about your health & paps. I hope you come to a decision you are comfortable with. Stress is a major factor for all of us. CIN is now a part of your life, its been over two years, and here I am...still with unanswered questions & forced to wait & see. What ever you decide, my best wishes to you for clean paps in the future.

For the inbetween appointments & wait time, we at least have this board to vent on :)

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