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I can relate to the diry & ashamed feelings. To an extent the "ick" factor is still there, even now, but I manage to deal with it a little better as more time goes on. There is some comfort in knowing I am far from being alone in this.

Thanks, so am I, he is my world. We met at work, and I just secretly adored him for the first couple months. Then we were in a position where we got the opportunity to actually talk to eachother. We sat together at a company going away party for a fellow employee, and our first official date was on December 31st 2005. We got married on December 31st 2006. Sounds fast to a lot of people, but it was absolutely the smartest thing I have ever done in my life. Never been so happy, he is amazing, I am truly blessed. Before this I had never even lived with a man, and I had been in a long term relationship in the past. Not the type to make sudden leaps, but in this case it just felt right. Best thing about it, I adore his family, and my family adores him. Never thought that was possible after watching my brother & his wife & the whole inlaw saga.

I always thought most people acquire type 1 at some point in their lives. My husband has type 2. He acquired it years prior to knowing me. As for the odds, what can I say, like everything else in my life the odds seem to be against me. I do have it now. He successfully managed not to pass it on to former girlfriends, but I guess I was the lucky one. He only gets outbreaks every six months or so. Months into dating him I got my first outbreak. He takes Acyclovir twice a day only when he gets a breakout. I seemed to be suffering more regularly, which I hear is normal the first year, then it slows down. I was getting them every month or so it seemed at first. I was doing the same as him initially, took two on the onset of one, but my doctor advised that I go on it daily. So I now take Acyclovir once daily which has been successful for the most part. If I were single still & acquired it I would probably be a complete basket case by now. I am basically a walking STD. I would probably swear off sex for good. However, getting it from the man I am married to, though still unpleasant, is much easier to deal with. I did some research on the effects of Acyclovir on HPV. One study seems to hint towards benefits, but nothing concrete that I have seen yet. It would be nice if it helped to suppress both. Wishful thinking though I am sure. I will try to find that site, thanks for the tip!

Yes, there are over 100 strains of HPV, most harmless. For most people its a virus that they acquire & their immune system suppresses it without any knowledge of its presence. The only time it becomes apparent is in cases of certain strains. The strains that cause genital warts can be emotionally devastating for people, and even a fewer amount of strains cause cervical dysplasia. Its so tricky to predict who will & who won't be ultimately effected by the high risk strains because of the nature of the virus. Which is why I personally feel no woman should ever go more than a year without having a pap regardless of her past history. I went from normal my entire life to CIN III. I am still EXTREMELY skeptically of the basic pap smear. They are not 100% accurate. I think it is more likely I got a false negative pap the one prior to my bad one in 2005, than it progressed that rapidly. Not worth wasting too much time on however, since noone will ever be able to tell me for sure. What I don't understand though is why a woman who has tested positive for high risk HPV, and been diagnosed with CIN in the past would not have a colposcopy done in oppose to the basic pap post any treatment or surgery. I sometimes feel like I am wasting my time with the paps, and I would rest more easily knowing they were taking a closer look at things with a scope in oppose to swiping random cells thinking if abnormal cells are present, eventually we will catch it. I am sure its all money driven which is just a horrible thought. Again, hopefully the fact they are offering a vaccine for both men & women for the high risk strains will prevent the little ones of our future from having to go through this.

My understanding on Gardasil is it will only be effective on the strains you have never been exposed to. So, if you have a strain lying dormant, I believe the vaccine will still be rendered ineffective. However, I have wondered if it may help work towards suppressing a strain you may already have, but again it is likely just more wishful thinking on my part. From a science standpoint not sure its possible, but it would be really nice if it worked that way! Don't think it will do any harm though as far as overburdening ones system. My doctor knows my HPV status, and she recommended even though I am married to put up the bucks to get it done in order to protect myself from the high risk strain(s) I have not acquired. Again though, not seeing the need for me to do that at this juncture. When the FDA approves it for women in my age bracket, then I will likely get it done.

Thanks. I have my follow up ultrasound on Tuesday. Hopefully it will go away on its own, afterall, it was an unwelcomed guest.

Enough about me, where are you at with your situation. I see you have CIN I with high risk HPV. Was this result based on the pap, or have you already gotten the colposcopy & biopsy?? Are you still going in for a second opinion??

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