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Re: Good News
Nov 12, 2007

Congratulations! I am so happy for you!

I remember you from your earlier posts. I believe we had a similar diagnosis. I had an abnormal pap come back in July. It was atypical glandular cells. A colpo showed adenocarcinoma in-situ. I had a LEEP cone biopsy on 9/6. My results came back with clear margins, but my path report showed that my oncologist took the cone out and then an additional section of tissue from both the right and left side. The cone showed abnormal cells close to the margins, but the additional tissue taken was all clear.

My recovery went very well. (I think the doctor did a very good job) Sometimes I couldn't even tell that I'd had anything done and had to remind myself to take it easy. Now I'm currently waiting for my first 3 month follow-up on 11/30.

This board [I]was[/I] incredibly helpful! The doctor tells you what a rare condition/test result you have and then you go online and find so many women going through the same thing. It made me feel so much better to be able to connect with other women going through the same thing and to hear their stories.

Again, I'm so happy for you and good luck to you!

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