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I'm looking for feedback & advice regarding my situation... Here's my Hx: I had an abnormal Pap in October, with a positive test for High Risk HPV. A month later my Dr (a GP, as I live in a very small town w/ no specialists) did a colposcopy with three biopsies from two areas and an ECC. The biopsies confirmed low-grade dysplasia, and the ECC showed affected cells in the endocervix. My Dr consulted with an OB-GYN regarding this situation (because of the +ECC) and was told I have two options: 1) cryotherapy or 2) LEEP. The LEEP has a possibility of cervical incontinence in pregnancy, but is more likely to "get it all." (I'm 26, no kids, would like kids in the future.) If I go with cryo, they will do a repeat Pap in 4 mos, and if there is no change or digression, they will do a LEEP anyways. I spoke with a nurse at the OB-GYN I had in Austin, TX when I lived there years ago, and she stated they don't do cryo there, and they would take a wait and see approach. (In other words, the exact opposite of what my Dr and the consult OB said.)

I am scheduled for cryo in 6 days, but need to decide what to do. I would need to travel 3.5 hours (one way) to see an OB-GYN for a second opinion, and am afraid I would hear yet a third version of what I should do in this situation, thus confusing me even more! My main concern is that from what I've read, the cryo won't do anything about the endocervical cells they found, which are apparently the biggest concern in this situation.

Do any of you have experience with the +ECC, and what did your Dr recommend/do? Thanks Ladies!!
Lagirl is the perfect person to answer these questions but I can tell you my opinion right now based on what I have learned.

I'm currently debating the leep v. cryo approach too. The problem with cryo, besides not getting it all, is an inverted cervix later, where the TZ disappears up the canal making future colpos (if needed) difficult sometimes impossible. (called an "unsatisfactory colpo" due to inability to visualize entire region)

Therefore, based on the info given, I would probably opt for as shallow a leep as possible, since there is ECC involvement, as it seems more "definitive" albeit a bit aggressive for CIN1.

Is there such a thing as a shallow cone, since I think cones are used when there is ECC involvement? Also, sometimes ECC involvement is really contamination from other sites--esp. if low grade, so are you sure this is the case (was he able to SEE ECC involvement)?

Do you have a picture of what it looks like? If the affected areas are close together, I might opt for cryo. If they are spread out, leep is more favored, I would imagine, but I am not an expert.

Best wishes, please let me know what you decide.

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