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I am speechless. I want to thank you for sharing your story because some people do not realize what radiation and some of these treatments can do to you. We are all different, but if I ever needed treatment I intend on going the natural route and seeking a holistic doctor who would specialize in cancer to help. The stories are suppressed, but some people cure themselves of cancer. I know I would give that my best shot first. My prayers are certainly with you to regain your health and thank you for sharing that touching story.
Ok I found out now this MASSIVE "internal abcess is ALL of my adominal are and with all the burnt tissue and adhesions they cannot open me up thru the pelvis they would have one shot to TRY to take out some of the reamins of burned tissue from the radiation and clean out the adominal area thru the vagina take a skin grat from my thigh and TRY to line the adominal wall with some healthy tissue then they would have to indefinately have to sew the vagina up :eek::nono: and with all of that its a 50/50 chance the graft would work then my adominal wall would become infected again so PLEASE keep me in your prayers this is a COMPLETE nightmare....

My motto: Tough times dont last,BUT tough people do Ha I dunno


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