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I have a cone biopsy coming up for CIN3 cells. I've already had the colposcopy and the LEEP. I talked to a gynecology oncology doctor about the difference between LEEP and cone and why it's always so iffy to diagnose what is is you have. (I've heard CIN3, pre-cancer, cancer). From what I understand the only difference between CIN1, CIN2, CIN3, pre-cancer, etc. is how deep the cells have travelled. The cells are called cancer when they invade the deepest layers and start to leave the cervical area and invade tissue outside your cervix.

Since the cervix has many grooves and deep pockets in it, when they do a LEEP procedure, it scrapes along the surface..often times missing what's deeper in these grooves. This is why they often want you to have a cone biopsy, since the sample they take during a cone is much deeper. Most often, it's not that you have cancer, it's just that the cells are deep and they don't want to take that chance that you might have it by not doing the cone.

If they do the cone and all the margins are clear..things are looking up. Then it's a pap smear every three months for awhile.

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