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It is very possible to have had it for that long, and nearly impossible to find out who you contracted the infection from. I have heard stories of elderly women who have been sexually inactive for years who have HPV suddenly pop back into their lives or sometimes for the first time. The virus is tricky, unpredictable, and it varies greatly from person to person. Cervical dysplasia is highly curable, even in its most advanced stages. The emotional effects this has on us women is often far worse than the physical. I have never heard of HPV causing premature births, however, this question would be best answered by your doctor. If your pap came back ASCUS, and there are infact abnormal cell changes, then it is most likely still in its dysplasia stage. There can be discrepencies from the pap to biopsy, but these discrepencies are typically within one grade. Cancer is not impossible, however it is improbable. I think our natural reaction is to hope for the best, but expect the worst. I know how scary it all can be, and I truly sympathize. The best thing you can do is try not to take too many steps ahead with your thoughts. If possible attempt to just wait & see what the results say before getting too stressed out. All the added stress will do is weaken your much needed immune system. There is no telling how this will effect the rest of your life, however, the fact that you have tested positive for high risk HPV means that you need to make sure you are diligent about getting your paps as scheduled & take care concerning your overall health. Most likely after you get treated your body will be able to effectively fight off the virus, at least to the point it is no longer causing any harm. In the event that it does reoccur, you can catch it early on while it is still treatable by making sure you are on top of your pap smears. The biopsy results will be more reliable in terms of letting you know what is going on. The waiting period is the worst. Try to keep yourself occupied if you can, and rememeber there are women always ready to listen here if you need to vent.

Hugs & best wishes!! :)

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