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In the past few weeks I have found a lot of comfort in reading these posts, and now I'm ready to post my story in the hopes that someone else will benefit.

November, 2004 - Got a positive pregnancy test (great news) and an ASCUS PAP result at the same time (confusion!) - HRHPV + (horror!) I had been in a monogamous relationship for five years...
January, 2005 - Re-PAP results HGSIL - gyn perfomed a colposcopy w/ no biopsy because of pregnancy, said he didn't see anything of concern.
August, 2005 - Delivered a beautiful baby girl
September, 2006 -Had a colposcopy w/ biopsy to check on the dyplasia discovered during pregnancy. Negative results w/ normal PAP. Gyn thought delivery had gotten rid of the problem. No HPV test was done (should have demanded!)
2006, 2007 Normal PAP's w/ no HPV test
May, 2007 - delivered second beautiful baby
July, 2007 - post-delivery PAP normal. offered HPV test since I had just turned 30 (new protocol for 30+ - negative HPV = longer between PAP's)
HRHPV postive
October, 2007 - Gyn was concerned about the positive HPV, even though PAP was normal. I was not concerned, but he performed a colpo w/ ECC to be sure.
November, 2007 - Nothing seen in colpo - mild dysplasia found in ECC - gyn recommended a cone biopsy. I thought he was overreacting and almost declined.
November 28 - Had a LEEP cone under general anesthesia. Very little post-op cramping / bleeding. Nerves were the worst part, and some IV happy juice fixed that!
Today - met w/ gyn - healing well. Pathology showed HGSIL within the endocervical canal w/ glandular involvement. Margins were wide and clear.

So, my lesson is this. Don't always believe the PAP. If the doc suspects something funny is going on, it just might be true. Also, don't fear the treatment. There's nothing wrong with a second or third opinion, but denial is not an option. If your scared, read all you can and talk to your doctor as much as you need to make you feel better. I will never again be afraid to take an active role in my health care. Nothing is as bad as the scenerios that you make up in your mind.

So, to all of the ladies on this board who really helped me when I didn't know where to turn (without even knowing it) - God bless all of you. I'll keep my fingers crossed that I never need your support again, but I know where I'll come if I do.

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