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Here are the recipes as promised. I know in my city there is an herbal store nearby that has every dry herb you could imagine, so I hope you are able to find these herbs too. Also, women with dysplasia and that are also on a birth control pill tend to be deficient in folic acid. Take a good dose of folic acid for 3 months and make sure you are also getting vitamin A, B complex, and of course C. You are suppose to do this everyday until your next appointment, especially if it is within a couple of months and hopefully this along with proper vitamins and diet and exercise you could come back with a normal exam. Like I said, I am going to be trying this soon. It doesn't work for everyone, but it works with many and you have to be patient, the body knows how to heal itself given the healthy alternative here.

Cervical Dysplasia Tea

2 teaspoons vitex berries

1 teaspoon each burdock root and false indigo root

½ teaspoon each calendula flowers and echinacea root

5 cups water

Bring herbs and water to a boil in an uncovered pot, then simmer gently for 5 minutes. Remove from heat, cover pot and let steep for 20 minutes. Strain out herbs. This can also be taken as a tincture or in pill form.

Tampon Soak

1 heaping teaspoon dried calendula flowers

½ teaspoon goldenseal rhizome powder

1 cup water

5 drops tea tree essential oil

Put herbs and water in a pot, place on stove and bring to a boil. Turn off heat and let steep for about 30 minutes. Strain and add essential oil. Soak tampon in mixture, stirring well to distribute the oil. (Be sure to use a tampon that comes enclosed in a cylinder inserter or the soaking will expand it too much.)
[QUOTE=tigerlilyx61;3358218]The study was at the University of Arizona. As far as the biopsies go I don't know. They just told me they were cone biopsies. Maybe things have changed in the last 25 years but my understanding of the cone biopsy is to get a sample of tissue deeper than superficial epithelial cells because you can't really tell how far the dysplasia cells go down. So in my eyes it would make sense to get a cone biopsy. And then again maybe this particular study mandated that they do this. Who knows:confused:

OK I just dug the report out...yes I still have it after 25 years. It looks like the docs name is Surwit but who knows if he is even alive. I hope that doesn't sound too mean. But honestly I think I maybe saw him twice the whole time. Usually it was his nurse Vivian who I saw. The used 1 cc. 0.372% TRA cream in a cervical cap. I think the TRA stands for transretinoic acid or something like that.[/QUOTE]

tigerlilyx61, thank you so much for digging up that old report. I'm going to broach this with my naturopath over the holidays. I hope to try the TRA cream or even the 5FU (Efudex, another topical chemotherapy agent) if herbal suppositories don't work (provided it's still LSIL). Failing that, I will undergo leep.

I looked up your doctor and he is a VERY well known and published gyn-onco, and as far as I can see, still alive (and practicing).

What is a "cervical cap?" Is that like a diaphragm? (sorry, I have only used condoms, the pill, and NFP for birth control and don't know much anatomy) Or is it like a vaginal suppository pushed far up against the cervix? How is it shaped and how big is it? Do you recall having any discomfort or bleeding during therapy? (some women do, but I think fairly uncommonly)

AlexaIn2006, thank you for posting that regimen. I have a lot to discuss with my naturopath and I'll let you know what she says about that. I don't know why doctors never mention this--I imagine perhaps because most MDs don't believe in this "holistic mumbo-jumbo", since there aren't any peer-reviewed scientific journals proving this works, and/or the leeps make too much $. But, back in the 80s, they used to use transvaginal 5FU cream for cervical dysplasia, with as I recall good results.

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