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[QUOTE=tigerlilyx61;3362137]Wow brieaukirsch thank you. How very interesting. I didn't realize how many clinical trials he was involved in. No wonder I hardly ever saw him.:) Thank you so much for looking that up.

I went back and reread my report to see what the final report said. This was the last biopsy they did at the end of the study. I did have a negative pap but this is what the report says, "a section reveals fragments of cervical stroma covered focally by unremarkable simple columnar glandular epithelium but mostly lined by nonkeratinizing stratified squamous epithelium. The squamous epithelium is well-ordered and shows evidence of maturation. The cells at the surface, however, are minimally atypical with larger than expected nuclei. There is no evidence of malignancy. Diagnosis: minimal cellular atypia."

I don't know if maybe they considered this too not be cured or what. I continue to have normal paps and have had 3 normal pregnancies producing 3 normal healthy (and beatutiful I may add) children[/QUOTE]

Hi tigerlilyx61, are you sure this was it? (the dates match, right?...1986) I only ask because there were several TRA studies in the 1980s and early 1990s, and Surwit led most but not all of them. Hmm, maybe I will try to contact him.

Your last biopsy showed a small portion of extremely mild (as in ASCUS or less than CIN1) remnants of hpv activity in the enlarged nuclei, what they call koilocytosis now. I think your treatment allowed your immune system to take care of that.

Tears almost came to my eyes when I read your last paragraph. Am I to understand you did not experience hpv recurrence during your pregnancies or immediately after delivery? (Pregnancy lowers the mother's immunity a lot) There's some question about whether it is ever really "cleared" and I think for some people, it is, but for most people, it's dormant and not causing problems. I wish it could be eradicated for everyone, I didn't realize how potentially serious it could be!

THANK YOU for such a happy Christmas post and be well!!!

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