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Hi everyone. I really need some friendly advice. I am 36/single/smoker and am significantly overweight. I have been seeing my primary care physician over the last year or so complaining about abdominal distention and excess gas, fatigue, swollen legs and back pain. I also have seen him about what I thought might be urinary tract infections, which they found no evidence of but gave antibiotics for that didnt seem to help. These were intermittent and would last for several days and then subside and come back. Most of my problems seem to have been 'written off' due to my weight. I have also had some lower right abdominal pain and gushing, watery discharge but never sought any Dr.s advice for it and chalked it up to hormones or being fat. I started noticing that the abdominal/pelvic pain was becoming more frequent and I was occasionally gettin an excruciating pain in my pelvic and rectal areas when urinating or even sitting. This would last maybe an hour and then subside. I also noticed that I was becoming so distended that I couldnt go to work because I could not fit anything but my stretchy pajamas on. I have had the lap band surgery in July of this year. Everywhere but my abdomen has been starting to lose weight, and in fact it seems that is getting larger from a pants fitting perspective. In the past 3 months, I have been having the watery discharge almost every day now as well as the urinary urge all of the time. I have also started having a constant pulling sensation in my lower right abdomen/pelvic. My excess gas is becoming unbearable. I am exhausted all of the time, sometimes I have to go to bed when I get home from work at 4:30 in the afternoon. every couple of weeks or so I will be going along ok and suddenly get a horrid wave of nausea and if I have eaten anything will heave (difficult to vomit with the band) and then an hour later I am over it. Anyway, I went to a new OBGYN, as I have had the nurse practicioner at mr PC's office doing pelvic, last one 2 years ago. She did literally a minute and a half exam after I explained my problems with the pelvic pain, urniary and back pain and weird water discharge. She said well your urine tested fine on the dip stick and I said ok, I have a lot of gas and major bloating, could that put pressure on my bladder and make me feel like peeing all of the time? She said she doubted it but we will take a urine culture - not sure what that answer was about. Culture Came back normal. Pap came back Normal. She said, you are big so I can't really feel anything. She ordered an ultrasound. This did not come back normal. They called today and said that there were masses on my right ovary, but they wanted to determine if they were just cysts so wait 6 weeks and go get another ultrasound. I was a bit worried after that call and I talked to a friend who said look on the internet. So i typed in abdominal and leg swelling urge to urinate back pain watery discharge, etc. and it took me to ACS's July '07 announcement on common symptoms of ovarian cancer and a whole load of ovarian cancer search results. I am concerned that I am again being tossed aside and unimportant because I am a 'fat girl'. I guess if they had found a cyst and I wasnt having so many life interrupting symptoms that would be one thing, but I had most of the things on the ACS list (except trouble eating but I cant conclude if my trouble eating is the band or not). Is this pretty standard way to rule things out? I don't know if I can wait over 6 weeks for the results of another ultrasound. I would think, especially after some of what I read, that if symptoms and test results even suggest the possibility of a cancer situation that the physician should not take them lightly and start the process of ruling out cancerous growths. Should I go to another Dr or will they have me do the same thing? Sorry for the terribly long message. Any of your good advice would be appreciated.


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