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Hi there-

I used the same brand Vitamin A and Herbal C suppositories. I did one week Vitamin A, the second week Herbal C, the next week Vitamin A, and the last week Herbal C. I dont think theres any risk of TSS-- I think that usually happens only with tampons, since bacteria can end up growing on them after leaving them in for long periods of time (although I didnt do the Vag-Pak or have to use tampons for any of the suppositories). They kind of "melt" during the night, and (sorry to get graphic) basicly leak out after you get out of bed (...gravity...?) I would try to push them up as far as they'd go--you might have to tilt your pelvis up to do so. Some nights I wasnt sure if they'd reach the cervix, but in most women's anatomy, when you lay on your back the vagina slopes downwards, so in theory it should drift towards the cervix during the night.

I didnt experience any changes, really, from using all the Vitamin A. I wonder if Vitamin A as beta carotene is absorbed differently, especially as I take it orally (so it has to pass through the digestive system before getting to the bloodstream). I dont know how many IU the suppositories were...or if they were in a different form (the box is back in LA so I cant look at it). Everyone's body is different, so maybe you'll want to work up to the dose until you see how you're affected.

I too went into my first appointment suspicious that theyd just try to sell me their own brand of supplements, but where I went had a variety of brands, and she'd also suggest other places where I could buy similar products (for the supplements anyways...). Wow $605 is a lot to pay, I believe! I was able to have procedures like bloodwork and the pap smear covered by insurance--maybe yours can do the same, or you can try to submit it?

Thats too bad you didnt seem to jive well with the person you saw. I really feel like the relationship you have with any practicioner makes all the difference- I felt very comfortable with the woman I saw...she sat down with me for over an hour during the first visit and was very understanding of all my concerns (something I didnt get with all the traditional gyno's I went to...). I had some challanging questions which she was thorough in addressing. I'm ususally a pretty cynical person, also, especially suspicious of health care professionals and the medical/pharmaceutical industry (my loved ones and myself have had some negative experiences- and my dad is a doctor so I'd like to think I've been raised to take control of my own health.) Its wise to be concerned about what is contained in your supplements, but not simply because it isnt FDA controlled...In the same way, we should be concerned about whats in the everyday drugs we all are accustomed to taking. Personally I'd be more likely to trust a small independent company that makes my supplements.

While cryotherapy and LEEP are the standard practices for treating mild dysplasia, I was never fully convinced that this was the most necessary intervention considering my age (23), being in decent health, and definately wanting to be able to get pregnant later in life. The way I saw it, buring off the "bad" tissue that was making me have abnormal paps would permanently change my cervix, yet wasnt going to cure anything, since supposedly it's HPV (a virus) that is causing the changes in the first place. Everything I read said that dysplasia is a very slow changing condition, and women who get cervical cancer are USUALLY women who have not had routine pap smears. In most cases, women who have LGSIL are more likely to heal themselves than progress to HGSIL. I figured I'd be better off taking the chance on my own body healing itself than the chances that doing Cryo or LEEP would cause problems for me later in life. Even the last gyno I saw, who is friends with my dad (not as weird/creepy as it sounds...!) came to the conclusion in a discussion with my dad that its okay to take a watchful waiting approach, and that docs have to be vigilant with abnormal paps on the chance that a woman wouldn't keep careful watch over her own body by getting routine paps (leading to the small chance that it would be ignored to the point of developing into cancer).

Anyways, these are my own opinions, and I in no way mean to undermine medicine and all that, but I am ever cautious of one doctor's opinion...traditional and otherwise. I only trust myself with my body!

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