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That's great news!! I know how excited you must be to finally have a normal Pap. It's a real relief, isn't it.

I did want to add a word of caution though. It is very possible to have LGSIL or even ASC-US Paps and have HGSIL, so you really have to go through the process of having colposcopies/biopsies, just to be on the safe side.

Many doctors don't feel that colpos or biopsies are necessary until the Pap reaches HGSIL level, but your life may depend on them doing just that. You see, Pap tests only sample the surface cells from the cervix. So, while a Pap can give you a basic picture of what is going on, there may be more happening than meets the eye.

Take my case, for example. Every three months for almost two years, my Paps consistently came back ASC-US. (I was tested and was diagnosed with high-risk HPV.) However, every biopsy except one during that time showed that I had CIN II/III.

In December of last year, my Pap worsened a level to LGSIL, but when the biopsy was done, I was diagnosed with carcinoma in situ. If my doctor had not taken a more agressive approach with the low-grade Paps, it is almost certain that I would have invasive cervical cancer by now. Scary thought, isn't it!!

So, even if you get a low-grade Pap, insist on a colpo. Your life may very well depend on it.



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