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Thanks for the info. I am still very concerned.

I have been feeling ill for just under 3 years now and keep going back to the doctor, swtiching doctors, etc. to find out what is wrong with me.

I have terrible abdominal bloating (look about 5 months preggo), pain on the left ovary especially during the ovulation time of my cycle that has been going on for at least 2 years. My OB/GYN keeps telling me that its just middleshmirtz (sp?) but has never done any testing or exams to rule anything out.

This summer I had 2 blood clots that are totally unexplained and I know blood clots can be caused by cancer.

I also have frequent urination - middle of the night still every single night also, along with urgency where sometimes I can't make it to the bathroom in time.

My bowel changes have been pretty severe and I went to see a GI for a colonoscopy last year. This year I saw a colonrectal surgeon because I also have bowel urgency where I almost miss because I don't get to the bathroom in time. I also have a problem where even after I wipe my bottom, about 20 mins after a BM, I have to go in to the bathroom and wipe again, because more has come out.

I am in a lot of pain all the time. Mostly in the muscles - I can't beat eggs for a recipe without my husband's help. I can't hold the baby for a long period of time (about 4 minutes is the max).

I was seeing a rhuematologist for the muscle pain to rule out all the usual (lupus, RA, etc. etc.) and she is the one who ordered a pelvic x ray and the CA125 test. Then based on that my primary ordered the ultrasound of the pelvic area and so on.

So, really I am scared that there is something major going on and the doctors are missing it.

I have seen every specialist under the sun for this, and treated for lyme disease, lupus, and ruled out multiple sclerosis and a million other things along the way.

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