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so sorry to hear you have severe dysplesia again! You poor thing, I can imagine how you are feeling now!

I had severe dysplesia also and had leep in June. I am currently waiting for my next set of results and have been waiting 5 weeks so far! I am getting to the stage where I am sat on the door step waiting for the letter! Even though when I get it I wont want to open it!
I know that someone who I work with had this where she had Leep done but it came back still showing dysplesia, but moderate. I think they repeated the pap test before doing anymore treatment and that came back normal which is strange.
I know you are going through so much physical and mental stress right now and I am terrified my results will come back showing severe dysplesia again, but if it does there is nothing we can do but deal with it and move on. Easier said than done I know, but I think this causes us so much upset and worry that other problems start to arrise! I would get yourself back to doctors asap to tell him exactly how you feel and see what the next steps are. But dont forget you do NOT have cancer and you can be treated its just not turned out as easy as you hoped.

take care

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