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I came to the cervix site because I had the leep procedure in 2004 because of low grade abnormal cells. I had two paps in the year after and none in over 2 years.
I have been bleeding now for 19 days. The first 7-8 were light then got very very heavy for 7-8 days now yesterday and today it is easin up. Not gone but the pad is lasting 6-7 hours. For most of this time i also had pelvic "cramps".They are mild and uncomfortable but never extreme pain.
I came on the site to look at info for after Leep BUT..................then I looked at the symptoms of ovarian cancer and was shocked to see that i have a lot of them....coincidence im sure but i am a little freaked.
For about two months i've had very bad constipation. No diarhea at all. The constipation is bad and almost constant. I have A LOT of gas from the same end. I had a couple days of bad indegestion which i never get. My stomach right now is bloated but not sore to touch. I have also been hormonal with feelings of crying over silly things.
Now this computer is a good and bad thing. GOOd cause it has helped so many people and the support is AMAZING but you read the symptoms and think I HAVE THAT..oh my gosh I HAVE ovarian cancer.
DOES ANYONE OUT THERE know of other ailments that have these same symtoms, especially considering the 19 days of bleeding (which i think started as my period).
I went to walk in and told him symptoms. He didn't touch me at all (feel my stomach etc)He only took blood(not sure what?)and said when i stoped bleeding to come in for pap test. I've heard of ca125 test but IF he didn't do this would something show up in wbc or rbc etc???I AM ONLY 30 so chance are slim of ovarian cancer.

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