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[QUOTE=Katherine19;3396499]Wed Jan 16 , my doctor performed a colpscopy and determined just by looking, I had cervical cancer. He sent the biopsy marked urgent, but I still may have to wait 2 weeks. My concern is I have constant pelvic pain and on all the cervical cancer web sites they mention this is usually a sign of advanced cervical cancer. Can anyone share if they had pelvic pain and if so what stage of cervical cancer they were diagnosed with. This is really weighing on me and any advise is gratefully accepted.[/QUOTE]

I have had a very bad pelvic pain too and a few months ago I found out I had high risk hpv, I thought that was what has been causing the pain but from research and talking to other people on here hpv doesn't cause that kind of pain... do u have hpv too? or do u think it might be cervical cancer? I'm really worried and the doctors are always so busy so it takes months to get in and have a colpscopy, I have a pain on my left side usually and it kinda feels like cramps but way worse, sometimes I cant even walk from how bad it hurts! I haven't had any bleeding but I cant figure out what the pain is from?

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