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Last yr I suddenly had a pap come back as HSIL. Then had a colposcopy with biopsies and ended up having to have a cold knife cone done in November. I ended up having a small spot of adenocarinoma in-situ and glandular involvment, but the cone biopsy came back with clear margins. SO I had to have follow up paps every 3-4 months. The first 2 came back perfectly normal. Then all of a sudden the 3rd came back HSIL again, ughhh. I had to wait almost 2 monhts for another colposcopy, then I stupidly went to my appt on the wrong day & had to wait yet another 2 months to reschedule. Well I had it done again in December. While having it done, my gyno seemed to really think I should have a hyseterectomy, as I am not having sex and HSIL appeared so quickly again. Plus from whatever she was seeing with the colposcopy. She took ALOT of biopsies, I lost count. I was to go back this past Wednesday for a discussion about seeing an oncologist and/or talk about having a hysterectomy. Well, then I ended up losing my job last Friday b/c my company went out of business and am losing my health insurance. I thought Oh great, what timing. So I was pretty upset when I went to see her. But then she read me the report of the biopsy results...and I nearly fainted because it all came back hpv, no nothing. THANK GODDD!!!!!!! I was soo happy, but yet, it seemed odd to me. My gyno said paps arent always accurate, that is why the biopsies matter so much. She even said she would have them tested again to be sure there was no error or anything. But she did take alot of biopsies and thinks it's probably correct and that I am okay for now. I have to go back in 6 months for another pap.

Has anyone else had this happen? Did anyone end up w/ cancer anyway?

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