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Has anything else changed, like have you recently stopped take a birth control pill? Has yor diet changed, or have you had foods with a lot of sodium? Some other things may be contributing to your cramps. There is also a disease of the uterus that causes cramping. Cramping happens when the uterus contracts of deprives that area of oxygen which intensifies the pain. It could be a lot of things causing it.

I am currently cramping for the past week and I am unsure of why I am. So, I have been reading about it.
They test your cell and they only know if they come back normal or abnormal from what I understand. After that, you can be tested to find out what the problem is. In most cases, as long as it isn't serious or advanced, you just wait and see. I have been waiting and seeing for 2 years. I had three different doctors only because I moved, and they are all on the same page. My latest doctor decided to test me this time for two types of bacteria to see if that is causing the abnormal results. She said she is testing because I have had the same results for two year. She also said it is controversial as to if the bacteria causes the result and where it comes from, or something along those lines. It can be treated with an antibiotic. That is when I began reading and pelvic imfammatory can cause tenderness or cramping in the pelvic area and it is bacterial. I am waiting to hear the results of my latest test. I am finding that there are other things out there that can cause these abnormal paps too.

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