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I was just diagnosed with cervical cancer. I have a very large tumor that went undetected for a long time. I was never diagnosed with dysplascia or anything. I had abnormal paps and tons of colpos with biopsies. Nothing ever came back with anything.

The tumor is on the inside of the cervix, supposedly a little harder to detect. The oncologist I went to found it in minutes by doing a rectal exam and feeling the cervix better. I don't know if you'd want to recommend that to your gyn but try to.

The bleeding I experienced started after a pap I had. It was really strange. The doc would touch the cervix even slightly and it would bleed. I started having bleeding during sex. That scared me. I googled it and guess what it is a symptom of cervical cancer. I did also have mucusy, water, and blood tinged discharge here and there. The blood is usually bright red.

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