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I had a LEEP in Jan '07 with unclear margins and continue to get LGSIL paps, although nothing is visible on my cervix. I have bleeding every month, even with sex, but the doctors want to see if my body will clear this. My question is to those of you diagnosed with cervical cancer...For those of you that had bleeding before your diagnosis, was there any pattern as to when you had bleeding and was the color always bright red or did you get brown watery discharge, muted color red? I am headed back for another pap, ECC, and whatever else they want to do, but the bleeding I continue to have really bothers me most. I would really appreciate anyone's comments/experiences with this.

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I was just diagnosed with cervical cancer. I have a very large tumor that went undetected for a long time. I was never diagnosed with dysplascia or anything. I had abnormal paps and tons of colpos with biopsies. Nothing ever came back with anything.

The tumor is on the inside of the cervix, supposedly a little harder to detect. The oncologist I went to found it in minutes by doing a rectal exam and feeling the cervix better. I don't know if you'd want to recommend that to your gyn but try to.

The bleeding I experienced started after a pap I had. It was really strange. The doc would touch the cervix even slightly and it would bleed. I started having bleeding during sex. That scared me. I googled it and guess what it is a symptom of cervical cancer. I did also have mucusy, water, and blood tinged discharge here and there. The blood is usually bright red.

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